Sustainability is Embedded

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Sustainability at Bainland

At Bainland Lodge Retreats, sustainability is part and parcel of our ethos and of our daily operations. From eco-friendly heating sources for our pools and hot tubs, a reforestation and rewilding programme, through to supporting our local community, we make conscious decisions and instil sustainable practices that protect our environment. This thoughtful and purposeful pursuit is at the heart of what makes us Bainland.

Below are some of the ways in which we look after our community and our environment, so we can continue to welcome guests to this special retreat in Lincolnshire for many years to come:

1. Championing the Community

Our greatest asset is without a doubt our staff. We have a local and loyal team who have grown and evolved with us, who truly exemplify our culture and values. Bainland Lodge Retreats is also Woodhall Spa’s leading employer, and we are proud to play a key role in training and nurturing our talent. We currently employ over 110 people, the majority of whom live less than 10 miles away.

2. Using Energy Efficient Technologies

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry is a large energy consumer, which is why we’re committed to implementing energy efficient technologies and minimising our environmental footprint wherever possible. Our mission is to reduce electricity usage by 30% by 2025. We use eco-friendly sources to heat pools and hot tubs and solar energy to power our electric carts for housekeeping, maintenance and food delivery teams. We are also proud of our new state-of-the-art in-house laundry facility which has significantly reduced our carbon footprint and use of plastic.

3. Enhancing the Local Environment

We continue to make conscious decisions that best support our Lincolnshire roots. For example, our perimeter is made up of gabion walls using locally sourced stone, providing a low impact boundary solution that reduces noise. Many of our lodges are also afforded privacy by the creation of buns seeded with wildflowers and poppies. In addition, we have implemented a reforestation programme and are well on our way to planting over 1,500 trees and shrubs, as well as introducing a no-mow policy to protect the bees.

On top of this, Bainland has teamed up with Lincolnshire’s Riseholme College, one of the UK’s leading agricultural institutions, to offer a sustainability and grounds management apprenticeship to two students annually.

4. Protecting Our Wildlife

Bainland’s 45-acre estate is home to an abundance of wildlife including birds, mammals, insects and invertebrates and we are passionate about conserving all biodiversity that surrounds us. Our duty of care includes working with local Lincolnshire wildlife experts on habitat management and protection - as well as ensuring our guests enjoy spotting our discreet and not so discreet wildlife visitors.

Bainland is home to Canada geese, ducks, red kites, owls, woodpeckers, bats, bees, rabbits, hedgehogs, mink, stoat & voles, and so much more.

We are committed to preserving our natural environment and we will continue our efforts to create a haven where guests can enjoy the tranquillity and wildlife that surrounds us. We also offer plenty of opportunity to explore Lincolnshire’s story-rich woodlands and wild beaches with a host of recommended cycle trails and scenic walking routes where even more wildlife abounds.

Browse our collection of lodges to discover this natural retreat and find out what makes this corner of the Lincolnshire Wolds so special. We offer a range of self-catering and dog-friendly lodges from cosy cabins for two, through to family-friendly glamping holidays, lakeside retreats and multigenerational villas with private pools sleeping up to 24 guests.

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