Lodges With Swimming Pools

Lodges with Swimming Pools

We are very excited to announce we now have lodges which come with their own private swimming pools for the exclusive use of your family during your stay at Bainland. This is the venue for the ultimate family gathering, birthday celebration or just to get together with friends for an amazing experience.

Inspired by the French and Italian villas which come with their own pool, we decided to build our own Poolside Villa right here in the UK. You get the same holiday experience without the hassle of the airport or the language barrier. We do have to make allowances for the British weather with our pool enclosures which means the pool can fully enclosed  in the winter and totally open in the summer. In the height of summer, chilling by the pool with a drink or reading a book you could be anywhere in the world, yet only have travelled a few hours up the road. It's the ultimate pool villa holiday without the hassle of travel.