A message from our Director - 09/09/20

We have been having a great summer at Bainland, the Covid numbers in Lincolnshire continues to be really low, the weather has been pretty good and we are really getting into our stride. However....

We are aware of the changes to government Covid guidance for 7 people or more from more than one households. We are waiting for further information to be published by the government.

We aim to contact all affected customers once we have worked through this information. We will contact people in date order of arrival at Bainland.

Customers arriving Friday 11th September are unaffected by the legislation and should arrive as normal.

We thank you for your patience. No park is more suited to a Covid safe holiday than Bainland. Please do not worry, we will work something out and things will eventually get back to normal. Please stay safe everyone. The Bainland Team.

Updated 09/09/2020