Bainland Lodge Park - Bookings arriving May to the End Of June 2020

Bainland Lodge Park has been shut down by the government, due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. We hope to reopen in July or earlier if the government guidance allow. The business is hurting, but we will be back. We anticipate Bainland will be very busy in the second half of this year, so we hope to move our existing customers before we begin to advertise again to new guests. There is no where more suited to self isolating than here in our lodges, which are more spaced out than most parks in the UK.

Almost all staff at Bainland have had to be furloughed, so communication is only by email, and not as quick as it would be normally. It is our intent to look after all our customers who, through no fault of their own or ours, have had to postpone their break with us at Bainland. Please be patient, be kind and we will get through this. We are living in strange times.

If you have a booking within the above period, we are asking our valued guests to re-book their break with us later this year, or a date in 2021. If the lockdown continues further than this date, or we are still unable to trade once some restrictions are lifted, the below will be offered to all other bookings affected too.

We hope you can understand the decision we have taken, and that re-booking at a later date will have great benefit to the local area that we strive to support.

We will contact you to discuss your booking when staffing allows. As a small independent company, with not all staff able to work from home, we are working at this as fast as possible. We would like to assure you that the value of your holiday has automatically been credited to your customer account, and we will offer four options to use this.

- A replacement holiday on the same dates next year (same lodge type and arrival date) that will be honoured at the original price paid. This excludes The English Villas, please contact direct to discuss your options regarding these bookings.

- A replacement holiday at a lesser value, together with a payment of the difference from Bainland.

- A replacement holiday at Bainland of a higher value, with the difference met by yourself.

- A credit note for the value of your holiday valid up until 31st December 2021.

If none of the above options are suitable for you, once we are removed from lockdown, our team will be back working and able to discuss this over the phone.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding in these challenging times, and look forward to welcoming you to Bainland Lodge Park in the near future.

Updated 14/05/2020