Sustainability and responsible tourism at Bainland

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Welcome to our haven on the edge of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. Careful consideration has long been given to the environment at Bainland, which unfolds across 45 acres of park land.

Here, our guests can relax in natural surroundings choosing from our collection of lodges, glamping tents, and shepherd’s huts surrounded by wildflowers, lakes, and lush woodland.

We have become more conscious of the decisions we are making at Bainland and the impact this has on our environment. Our efforts continue to focus on sustainability and responsible tourism so our guests can enjoy this rural retreat for many generations to come.

Returning to the wild

According to Global Forest Watch, in 2020, the UK lost 4.15 Kha of natural forest. We wanted to be part of the solution, bringing back those quintessentially British landscapes that are so treasured.

It is all part of Bainland’s conscious upgrade, which has been several years in the making and is part of our commitment to continual improvement towards sustainability.

Under the guidance of Chelsea Flower Show gold medal-winning landscape designer Jody Lidgard, the 45-acre country park is undertaking an ambitious reforestation and rewilding programme.

We are planting more than 1,500 trees across the park, focusing on species that are mostly local, readily available, and provide a sustained benefit to wildlife, such as common Hawthorn, Comfrey, and Wild Marjoram. We’ve also implemented a ‘no-mow’ policy to encourage wildflowers and bees.

Jody is an innovator, known for designing immersive experiences and recognised for his garden design with the education charity Montessori, inviting children to discover the world around them.

We’re now halfway through our rewilding project, and it has grown in scope to create some other exciting opportunities. We are currently working with one of the UK’s leading agricultural colleges, Riseholme College, close to Bainland, and will be offering apprenticeships to two students to be mentored by Jody. The focus of their work with Bainland will be on sustainability and grounds management. Together, we’ll be converting this beautiful park into a natural wonderland.

A natural retreat

Our guests love the chance to check out of their busy lives and get back to nature at Bainland, whether that’s following walking paths or hiring bikes and cycling through the countryside with the dog, or simply relaxing on their private terrace at one of our lodges.

There are cycle trails to explore, green areas where we encourage families to enjoy playing sports together, and we even have resident hens, goats, and rescue llamas to meet, perfect for the little ones.

Everything we’ve created has been with the idea of making Bainland a natural retreat and promoting responsible tourism. Our perimeter is made up of gabion walls using locally sourced rocks. It ensures a low impact on the environment and even reduces noise naturally, guaranteeing a peaceful stay.

Even the material dug out to create our lakes has been reused, forming hillocks that give the villas and lodges privacy, and seeded with poppies and wildflowers.

As we add new lodges to our 45-acre park, we have ensured they are environmentally considered. These new sustainable lodges are built with reclaimed timber and the pools and hot tubs are heated with air-sourced heat pumps, which are more efficient and better for the environment.

Keeping it local

When you stay at Bainland, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy our wonderful selection of local produce. Not only is this corner of the Wolds liberally sprinkled with farm shops, producers will provide you with everything from delicious meat and vegetables to freshly baked bread and even small-batch beers, gin and wine.

Our new on-site deli and pantry, The Stores, is the perfect spot to pick up local produce to prepare fresh meals at your lodge or even cook up on the barbecue. Our fleet of electric vehicles will deliver all purchases direct to your lodge, ensuring complete convenience with an eco-conscious approach.

A rural sanctuary

At Bainland, we are passionate about nature and committed to sustainable and responsible tourism. We want to create a haven where wildflowers flourish and a place where you can spot wildlife all around. It’s about inviting guests to discover a natural retreat with a touch of luxury. Come and discover our lodges and find out what makes this corner of the Lincolnshire Wolds so special.

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